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DC Coins By Clay is based in the Washington DC suburbs. If you have attended coin shows in the mid-Atlantic area - you may have met me. Sales at my table are always brisk from the moment the doors open.

I began this website in 2020 for my customers and other dealers when shows were few and far between.

Specialties include ancient rulers such as Alexander the Great, Augustus, Trajan, Pius, (Julius) Caesar, Domitian, Caracalla, Hadrian, Antoninus and Commodus.

World coins found on my site often include coins from China, South Korea, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Greece,  Canada, Russia, Guatemala, Bolivia, Brazil, Austria, France, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Great Britain, Germany and Prussia. Others include Panama, Chila, Venezuela, Spain, Turkey and Poland. US coins are limited but occasionally include large cents, 2 cent pieces and New Jersey, Massachusets, Connecticut (and other) coppers. 

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Questions?  Please complete this form, or, send me an email at:  ccdeverh@aol.com

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My friend and mentor

John "Sully" Sullivan (on left) with me at Vienna show.

John took me to my first coin show 30+ years ago


My friend and mentor Jim Long

Jim at the office