98-117 AD Trajan Sestertius

98-117 AD Trajan Sestertius

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RIC 523, BMC 173. 98-117 AD Trajan Sestertius. Alright, I admit it; there is not a lot of detail on this coin., BUT, it is super smooth and it looks and feels great when held in hand. The pictures cannot reveal this coins beauty. And, it's huge!  This very coin might have been used as a manhole cover back in the day. J. Riggs 7/2018

21.7 g / 33.5 mm


    Please look closely at the pictures and feel free to ask me for more pictures and/or, ask me any questions you have, then you order & pay for the coin and I will send it to you within 24 hours.  If there is a problem within 10 days, we will work it out including a refund minus postage. Thank you, Clay


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